Fiore | Braun Project Request
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Braun Project Request

Braunschweiger Jewelers Project Request
Please write a brief description of the project here, including a list of all materials needed (must include specs)
Please upload all supplemental materials (including old materials that need revisions or materials for direction)
Please provide us a deadline for materials needed. We must have a minimum 3-5 business days notice to complete a single project. If multiple materials are needed, this is subject to change. Design work takes several hours to complete and we need to ensure we have sufficient time to draft a concept and receive revisions before a deadline. If a shorter turnaround time is needed, please submit the request and call us.
Please select an item for the type of project needed from the drop down menu. If you do not see it listed, please write it in the box below.
If you did not see the type of project you need completed listed in the drop down menu above, please write it in the above line.
Please confirm all information above is accurate, complete and approved by all parties. Once the request is received, your account manager will update you with an anticipated completion date.