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We’re the people companies come to when they are ready to transcend predictable and reach for Inspired.


Whether it’s brand identity development, influencing consumer behavior, consulting on organizational culture or creative development, we know that without inspiration we aren’t going to accomplish anything remarkable or create anything with staying power.


All this translates to a truly collaborative relationship, an explorative spirit, and an insatiable hunger for ideas.


We’re more than taskmasters, we’re thinkers. We get your brain-storming and your business moving forward.


Here are some of the ways we create identities and grow your business.

Market-Changing Strategic Thinking

Brand Development

360º Solutions

Internal Culture and Communications Programs

Perception and Feasibility Studies

Traditional, Digital, Social Media and Guerilla Campaigns

Corporate Video

Exhibition and Permanent Installations

Product Launches


Fiore brings together a seasoned team of communications and creative professionals; brand strategists, writers, designers, art directors, public relations and social media specialists.


We understand the forces that drive business and the emotions that drive audiences.


We’re focused on establishing, building and leveraging the equity in your brand. We have a discerning creative eye and the talent to make ideas come alive.


We’re Inspired. We’re Fiore.



If brands were symphonies, Pat Fiore would rank as one of the world’s legendary conductors. Consummate business strategist, trend analyst, marketing consultant, inveterate fixer and passionate brand storyteller, she possesses boundless energy and grit.   Pat has spent more than thirty years vigorously promoting Heritage Branding as a foundational premise, solving marketing and branding challenges — the more complicated the better. With a design degree and advanced degrees in marketing, management and communications, she began as a trend forecaster, forming her agency as a consultancy with formative brand launches, like the worldwide introduction of Lycra®, Breathables® and CoolMax®. In the decades that followed, she has attracted an international following of global companies in search of her business acumen, her intuitive grasp of complex technologies, her unusual network of talent and the security of having her on their side nurturing their brands.   Fiore’s roster of clients in both the B-to-C and B-to-B arenas reflect her expertise in the flavors and fragrance, food, fashion, beverage, lifestyle, beauty and wellness categories. She infuses compassion in her family, as a mentor she builds teams that match her commitment and as a leader she fosters positive change in her industry and for her clients.



George is a passionate creative force at Fiore, always pushing himself to bring one more idea to life. Equally adept at both sides of the brain, he is a brand storyteller, crafting surprising, dramatic imagery. At the same time, he is a serious marketer, an avid listener, and an enthusiastic solver of branding challenges.   With a diverse graphic palette, he and his team produce striking work for clients ranging from food, flavor, fragrance and hospitality, to CPG mass product brands, spirits and luxury brands. Through his work, he is able to articulate corporate and brand stories, while giving each client a unique branded mark within their industries.   George is an unusual creative talent who leaves his ego at the door every morning and pours himself into his work. The process begins for him by employing one simple practice: “Put yourself in their minds and envelope yourself in their world, you can then begin to create something meaningful.”    On his off-time George inspires his daughter’s culinary creativity and recipes filled with artistic license.



A marketing and digital media professional with a passion for learning, Sarah O’Connor effectively manages project coordination. Always up for a challenge, with experience in digital advertising, video production, social media strategy and positioning, she thrives on the ability to help clients achieve their goals in a variety of ways.   Sarah has a Bachelor’s in Broadcasting and Jurisprudence, a Master’s of Science in Criminal Justice and a Master’s of Arts in Communication, with a  specialization in Digital Media and Strategic Organizational Communication.   When Sarah isn’t in the office she spends her time rescuing animals and attending NY Giants games. She also is an adjunct professor at the County College of Morris where she teachings digital video editing and multimedia production



Laura Perillo is a seasoned writer and public relations professional with nearly 20 years of experience in communications media. Based in the Tri-State area, her PR experience in the non-profit, higher education, business, parenting, legal and financial services fields have armed her with a broad understanding of what it takes to compose and tell a compelling story.   Earning her bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Laura began her career in New York City at ABC, Inc., as a writer and corporate communications assistant for their now-defunct company magazine, INK.   Throughout her career and positions with the United Way of Massachusetts Bay, Northeastern University, Wesleyan University, JCPR, Inc. and Hulafrog, Laura has successfully placed clients in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, The Washington Post, Huffington Post Parents, INC., Working Mother and abcnews.com, among many other local and national outlets.