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Ready to be inspired?

Meet Pat Fiore, A seasoned brand strategist who will propel your vision forward.

With a Vision that inspires success, Fiore and her highly expert and talented team of strategic partners will access your brand’s strength, discern your competitive position, and deliver critical thinking that will rise above market challenges.


Whether it’s brand identity development, influencing consumer behavior, consulting on organizational culture or creative development, we know that without inspiration we aren’t going to accomplish anything remarkable or create anything with staying power.


You have a brilliant idea, and we have the experience to bring that idea to life.  If you need funding, we have the team in place to bridge that gap between disruptive innovation and a well-financed business foundation ready to leave its mark on the world.

All this translates to a truly collaborative relationship, an explorative spirit, and an insatiable hunger for new and superior ideas.


We’re more than taskmasters, we’re analytical, deep thinkers. We get your brain powered up and your business moving forward.


Here are some of the ways we create identities and grow your business.

Market-Changing Strategic Thinking

Brand Development

360º Market Analysis and Solutions

Perception and Feasibility Studies

Strategic Planning

Financial Planning

Pitch Deck Development

Dynamic Presentations for Investors


Fiore has a team of strategic partners, creative and financial professionals that share her strategic approach to building brands.; brand strategists, writers, designers, art directors, public relations and social media specialists.


Together we understand the forces that drive business and the emotions that drive audiences.


We’re focused on establishing, building, and leveraging the equity in your brand. We step into the roles that require our talent and expertise to help our clients be poised and prepared for growth.


We’re Inspired. We’re Fiore.



A Consummate business strategist, trend analyst, marketing consultant, inveterate fixer, and passionate brand storyteller,  possessing boundless energy and grit.

FIORE’s success is reflective of Pat Fiore’s integrity, energy, and passion to make brands successful. She is a relationship builder, putting companies together for the benefit of both, bringing opportunities to life, and developing “category creators” for new markets. Pat works in high-trending, experiential industries, and rare technologies…building iconic brands in retail, flavors, fragrance, food, lifestyle, CPG, beauty, natural/organic products, and dynamic, disruptive technologies across all industries. Pat spends time alongside clients in their fields, groves, factories, labs, and on the selling floors, searching for authenticity, digging for connective heritage, and working with the people who develop, create and deliver the product promises FIORE will shape and build.
Pat continues to partner with numerous companies outside the US, often working with foreign trade commissions that seek her advice on how to best navigate the American market, and with American companies looking for strategies to help them gain a competitive edge. Pat surrounds herself with talented people who share her one-of-a-kind approach and highly analytical perspective, challenging the ever-changing communication landscape.

Before opening FIORE in 1982, Pat worked with DuPont, BASF, Celanese, and Kimberly Clark on woven and non-woven fiber technology. She spearheaded the launch of Lycra and COOLMAX into the swimwear and activewear markets by reshaping consumer brand messaging. Pat set standards for tracking fashion and fiber trends, consumer insights and behaviors in the fashion/home furnishings/lifestyle, and new technology fields, developing programs and trend reports for mega-retailers and companies like Levi Strauss & Co and many more. Her creative background includes stints with J. Walter Thompson, WWD, and Condé Nast launches of iconic denim brands like Jordache, Gloria Vanderbilt, YSL, Sergio, as well as the breakthrough launches of Oscar De La Renta handbags. Pat has a design degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology and has completed advanced studies in marketing, management, and communications.

Talent/Strategic Partners




George is a passionate creative force at Fiore, always pushing himself to bring one more idea to life. He is a brand storyteller, crafting surprising, dramatic imagery. He is a serious marketer, an avid listener, and an enthusiastic solver of branding challenges.   With a diverse graphic palette, he creates iconic work ranging from food, flavor, fragrance, and hospitality to CPG mass product brands, spirits, and luxury brands. He can articulate corporate and brand stories while giving each client a unique branded mark within their industries.   George is a unique creative talent whose process begins by employing one simple practice: “Put yourself in their minds and envelope yourself in their world, you can then begin to create something meaningful.”  

Trevor Andersen

Strategic Partner CFO/COO

A strategic and results-driven operation and finance executive with comprehensive expertise in business restructuring, financial analysis and reporting, capital resource management, global operations management, pricing, and contract management.  Excels at creating, implementing, and leading value-added change in business, operations teams, and support service groups. With well-established investor relationships, Trevor brings opportunities to the table for clients, working closely with Fiore to shape their brand voice and build a substantial financial picture that supports their potential growth and future success.