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Elon Musk’s Resume

Elon Musk’s Resume

I have read thousands of resumes and the ones that truly impress me are those that exude confidence and purpose and have no attitude or arrogance. I want to know and see proof of passion and purpose. Education is important, but today I believe that expertise and experience are far more relevant. Ambition and focus also rank high for me. Smart is more important than clever. Proofing and editing are both very important because mistakes on a resume are a huge red flag for how unimpressive and flawed your fast-response emails will be. I really don’t care about your hobbies, like how you love spending time with your dog, walking on the beach, flying kites, etc. What is important are previous positions and responsibilities, community work, non-profit work and a commitment to making a difference in the world. These qualities rank high for EQ, which ranks just as high as a good IQ to me.


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