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Work-life Integration

Work-life Integration

This is a subject I can truly connect with. When I started Fiore 35 years ago, pre-computers, we had a sign-in /sign-out system, which was a step up from the time clock my father used at his factories. Our office manager/HR person spent each week transcribing those sign-in sheets into written records used to evaluate dedication and performance for each employee.


The sign-in system never made sense to me, and surely it was not a fair performance evaluation methodology. I believe that ROWE is in tune the world and in sync with the best way to motivate passionate people who do their best work when they are where they work best, and are working when they are most motivated.


Creativity, ideation and innovation are not guided by the time of the day or the day of the week. Highly talented people are most productive when they are inspired or driven to create. Inspiration has never been found in the walls of the traditional office setting. I tell my team to get out of the office, walk the city, go to a museum, watch the waves, cook, ride a bike or play with their kids … but do whatever it takes to breathe, think and be inspired.


After managing people and process and getting to know real talent when I see it, the balance of work-life integration is a key component to a great culture and successful team performance.


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