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I agree with Jeffrey Hayzlett’s 3 key traits of a good mentor, and from my personal experience, I would stress the value of having an ongoing commitment to a mentee’s progress.


I have mentored many people and honesty and generosity are so very important to being an effective mentor. I have had heartfelt conversations over the years with several people I have employed. These were individuals I really liked and they were doing a great job for, but in my opinion their gifts were far better suited to other professions-where they could fully embrace their unique passion and have an opportunity to be the person they were truly meant to be.


Through  the years I have been blessed with many of those individuals not only staying in touch, but becoming great advocates for mentoring, “paying it forward” in their roles. I follow their careers and continue to offer guidance as they move up and on to their next position or profession.


Mentoring is well worth the investment of time, and will pay you back with a true sense of accomplishment for years to come.


Discretion is a given….it’s what you should always do when you have integrity and respect for the work you do and the company you work for.


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