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Women Entrepreneurs

Women Entrepreneurs

So many successful women entrepreneurs have had an uphill business journey. As was the case with Diana Prince, my mother also forbad me from joining the Peace Corps. Still, I was determined to give back and the closest I got was working in East Harlem, helping young girls learn to sew so they could get jobs in the fashion industry, just 60 blocks south of where they grew up. At the time, I was also volunteering at various non-profits close to work and near my home.


The journey for women in business has always been a bit of a vertical climb, hence the reason I started my own business more than 35 years ago. Working in corporate America in the 70’s and early 80’s was more than a test of will and determination for a single mother. My quest to be an entrepreneur was born out of the need to find a balance and the desire and compassion to offer other women something I didn’t get in my corporate positions: human consideration.


I have always believed that you should be judged on productivity, creativity, commitment and loyalty. In my first office, my dad wanted to put a time punch machine on the front door, which I protested and instead chose to have a coffee pot, fresh flowers and a series of signs that let my staff know they were welcome and we were glad they were part of the team. Successful entrepreneurs are born out of passion, purpose, pure grit and, hopefully, the vision and drive that will help them move forward to their intended destiny. I guess there needs to be a little Wonder Woman in there too.


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