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Workplace Evolution

Workplace Evolution

The Virtual Office at Home or Away


Today’s business model is radically different than the one Fiore started with more than 30 years ago. Technology has given owners a rare opportunity to give employees the benefits of flexibility and work-life balance we never had. The dream of workplace flexibility and work-life balance didn’t even exist before the 21st century.


The advantages of flexibility clearly outweigh the disadvantages. Many work-from-home employees find they get more done in their own office than in a traditional office. Some of the location flexibility affords them the ability to exercise at different points of the day, getting up every so often and stepping away from their desk and minimizing the noisy office distractions that can be caused with multiple people moving around.


Did we mention that you can also work from anywhere? Many remote employees can take their virtual stations to the beach, the park or even an island – talk about a creativity booster!


These examples clearly underscore the value of venturing to new shared work-type spaces in new locations, allowing team members to mingle, absorb real-world energy and network with new people. At Fiore, we both practice and preach workplace flexibility: We get our teams out on the golf course, to a football game, or to a great new restaurant while also supporting our charities of choice. We are able to work from different parts of the world during business travel without missing a beat.


Creating a sustainable, well-connected and collaborative culture is a challenge, however, and leaders have to set the roadmap for success in this new world. Technology gives us tools but does not foster the intuitive, visceral or creative skills or the innovation-minded culture needed to build a strong company.


There are ways to keep raising the bar while opening the door to new work styles. As long as loyalty, shared passion and purpose make up the foundation, companies will be the better for giving their teams the flexibility they need and want.